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Our wiki will give you information on Lev Vygotsky who was a socioccultural theorist in childhood development. Included are his Theory, as well as criticisms, biographical information as well as his impact on Early Childhood Development.

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Lev Vygotsky was a Sociocultural Theorist in Russia during 1920's and 1930's. Vygotsky's work is called sociocultural because it focuses on how culture, beliefs, skills and traditions are passed from one generation to the next. Vygotsky's theory focuses on the child as a whole and incorporates ideas of culture and values into child development, his main focuses being in the areas of language and self-identity.

Biography and Life TIme Line for Lev Vygotsky

November 5, 1897 Born in Byelorussia - Western Russia

1909 Bar mitzvah at age 13

1917 Graduated from Moscow University with degree in literature.

1917 Lev Vygotsky began working as a teacher in Gomel, as head of the Psychological Laboratory at Teachers Training institute. While working there he started collecting information for his thesis and book later named “Pedagogical Psychology”.

1920 He experienced his first bout of Tuberculosis he contracted from his brother.

1924 Vygotsky married Rosa Smekhova and together they had 2 daughters.

1924 - Lev Vygotysky began work at the Institute of Psychology in Moscow. His main focus at this point was the problems in educational practice, especially those in regards to handicapped children.

1924 - 1934 various studies and writings of his works were published; and banned by Stalin in USSR during the cold war.

1934 - Wrote his last study was wrote before he died from Tuberculosis. He never lived to see the ban lifted on his work after Stalin died in 1953.

1956 - Ban Lifted on his work after the Cold War. His work has since then had a profound influence on education in Russia.

1962 Vygotsky’s work becomes available in the west with the publication of thought and language.

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